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Electrical Thermal Imaging Services

Electrical thermal imaging services are a part of the preventative maintenance process which assists in the reduction of emergency maintenance costs, providing asset protection and life preservation on electrical and mechanical equipment, it is an excellent condition monitoring tool used to carry out Non-Destructive Testing. While the equipment is online and running under normal load, you are able to monitor temperatures and thermal patterns allowing for early detection of faults indicated by a rise in temperature. This effective testing method enables electricians to detect poor electrical connections and other problems linked with the entire electrical systems and components of a building or floor.

At TJB Electrical Services, we offer electrical thermal imaging services to test a wide variety of electrical and mechanical equipment, unlike most other test methods. Faults detected at an early stage can be investigated or repaired as part of your routine maintenance program or as a planned shutdown, thus reducing the risk of unnecessary and costly breakdowns.

Why Should You Take Electrical Thermal Imaging Services?

With the right preventative measures during the early stages, you can monitor and foresee any potential electrical failures or breakdowns. If an unexpected breakdown happens, it can lead to severe issues such as breakdown of electrical installations or fire. The role of electrical thermal imaging services is to immediately identify the hot spots of electrical equipment and sense changes in temperatures. If there is the presence of moisture in walls or roofs or leaks present indoors, the imaging device will help eliminate such types of disruptions.

Infrared thermal inspections are usually recommended every 12 months, although more frequent inspections may be required depending on environmental conditions.

Benefits Of Your Thermal Imaging Service

    • Preventing unexpected downtime repairing equipment that can be avoided
    • Reducing the loss of revenue if machinery or electrical equipment fails
    • Reduce risk of personal harm to you, your staff and your customers
    • Reduction in expensive repair costs of faulted and connected equipment
    • Identifying electrical faults and preventing equipment failures

TJB Electrical Services specialise in assessing the working of residential and commercial buildings and electrical equipment. We work extensively to find any potential issues and resolve them on the spot. Our highly trained and professional electricians will get to work and respond to all your queries and problems. Once you hire our electrical thermal imaging services in Melbourne, you can work with our industry experts who will provide you with an accurate quote along with a detailed report based on our initial thermal screening assessment.

You can also request a FREE quote online. Give us a call on 03 8738 0079 today and speak to one of our staff members. They will explain the entire thermal screening process to you. Our electricians come fully equipped with the latest tools and testing supplies to get the job done on time.